Presentation was inspirational as well as practical, a rare combination among today's speakers; an informative, energetic and motivational speaker... useful tips.”

Director of Programs, Not-for-Profit

Socol Associates... energizing business leaders

Our mission is to help executives hone their skills and competencies.

We believe that by being direct, honest and appreciative of the people, the organization and their challenges, we encourage our clients to be active participants in making themselves successful.

We are sensitive to workplace issues and management styles, and recognized for creating supportive coaching and training environments.

All of our executive coaching, presentation skills, team development, internal consulting, meeting facilitation, conflict resolution, speaking engagements and training programs are directly tailored to the client's individual needs and styles.

Utilizing real-world strategies, objective style assessments and multiple intelligence awareness, we have consistently helped executives to achieve new levels of competency and success

Myrna Socol

46% of those who quit their jobs did so because they felt unappreciated.
U.S. Department of Labor, 1996

"Address great issues while they are small. The wise take precaution, and anticipate difficulties with ease and preparation. And manage to accomplish great things."
Chungliang Al Huang